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Flower-shaped candles - Launa Bougie

Flower shaped candles

Add a floral touch to your decor with our flower-shaped candles, handmade in France with love and attention to detail. Our candles are made from natural soy wax, with cotton wicks and completely natural Grasse fragrances. Opt for a unique and eco-responsible decoration with our flower-shaped candles.


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Flower candle | Daisy
€7.60 Regular price €9.50

Discover our brand new natural candle in the shape of 4 daisies! A little touch of nature in your interior.

Flower candle | White peony
€8.80 Regular price €11.00

Carefully handcrafted, this elegant peony-shaped candle is THE candle of the moment! Light it for a soothing scent and visual experience!