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Pink candle - Launa Candle

Pink candle

Create a soft and romantic ambiance with our pink Launa candles. Handmade in France with natural, non-toxic ingredients, our candles offer a delicate glow and subtle scents to brighten your space. The color of a candle has important symbolic and emotional meaning, especially in the practice of candle magic. The pink candle is associated with unconditional love, tenderness, harmony and friendship. It is often used in rituals related to romantic relationships, healing emotional wounds, and celebrating friendship. Lighting a pink candle can help attract loving kindness, strengthen emotional bonds, and cultivate gentleness and compassion toward oneself and others. Whether for a romantic evening, a meditation on love or simply to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, our pink candles are a perfect choice. Treat yourself to a moment of sweetness and tenderness with our pink Launa candles.

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Hearts candle| Pink
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Hearts candle| Pink
€3.75 Regular price €5.00

Infused with the captivating aroma of roses, this romantic candle, made with soy wax and a cotton wick, creates a soft, calming atmosphere.

Roses Candle | Flowers & Crackling Flame
€9.60 Regular price €12.00

Discover our Rose Candle, an artisanal creation handmade in Brittany with love and natural soy wax. Immerse yourself in the heart of an enchanted garden with each light of this rose candle.