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White candle - Launa Candle

White candle

Create a dazzlingly pure ambiance with our white Launa candles, carefully crafted to provide an immaculate glow and subtle fragrance. Handmade in France with natural, non-toxic ingredients, our candles embody the quintessence of purity, healing and peace. A symbol of new beginnings and gratitude, the white candle is ideal for purification and meditation rituals, promoting mental clarity and spiritual connection. Whether to raise the vibrations in your sacred space or to bring a touch of serenity to your daily life, our white candles are designed to illuminate your life with their divine light. They symbolize truth, sincerity and spirituality, providing a refuge of calm and harmony in your home. Let yourself be enveloped by the soothing softness of our white candles.

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Flower candle | Daisy
€7.60 Regular price €9.50

Discover our brand new natural candle in the shape of 4 daisies! A little touch of nature in your interior.

Eggshell candle
€11.20 Regular price €14.00

This eggshell candle is completely handmade, from the pot to the pouring of the soy wax. In addition, I use perfumes from Grasse for an atmosphere that smells like spring! It's not just a candle, it's a little handmade nugget full of sweetness and good humor!

Flower candle | White peony
€8.80 Regular price €11.00

Carefully handcrafted, this elegant peony-shaped candle is THE candle of the moment! Light it for a soothing scent and visual experience!

Set of 2 bubble candles
€12.80 Regular price €16.00

Discover our must-have candle set! The set includes a small and a large Bubble Candle, perfect for illuminating and scenting your space. Save by opting for this duo!

Large shell candle
€10.00 Regular price €12.50

Embark on a sensory journey to the tropics with the 100% natural Shell Candle.