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List of products by brand LAUNA BOUGIE

Once upon a time, there was a young Frenchwoman with a passion for handicrafts, who, over time, put this passion aside to concentrate on her studies in digital.

But one day, when she returned to her parents' home for Christmas, she found a box, hidden in a cupboard, which rekindled the flame within her. This box contained everything she needed to create candles, and that's how LAUNA BOUGIE was born.

Inspired by these two grandmothers who loved candles and flowers, LAUNA BOUGIE combines their passions by creating unique candles that illuminate spaces while adding a touch of nature with dried flowers.

Each candle is created with care and passion, using top-quality materials for minimal ecological impact. What's more, all the fragrances are natural and chosen with taste and nostalgia to remind her of the best moments of her life.

And yes, LAUNA BOUGIE is more than just a candle brand. It's an ethical company that focuses on quality, authenticity and environmental impact. In fact, every product is handmade in France with love and respect for the planet.

So don't wait any longer and let LAUNA BOUGIE brighten up your life with its unique creations.

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