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Blue candle

Immerse yourself in a soothing ambiance with our blue Launa candles. Handmade in France with natural, non-toxic ingredients, our candles provide a tranquil glow and relaxing scents to create a space of relaxation and serenity. The color of a candle has deep symbolic meaning, especially in the practice of candle magic. The blue candle is associated with serenity, spiritual communication, truth and protection. It is often used in rituals of meditation, communication with spirit guides and opening intuitive channels. Lighting a blue candle can promote inner peace, strengthen intuition and facilitate communication with the divine. In addition, the blue candle brings protection, promotes luck and strength. Whether for a meditation session, a moment of spiritual reflection or simply to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home, our blue Launa candles are a perfect choice. Embrace truth, wisdom and healing with our blue candles.

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Jar Candle | Large shell
€23.20 Regular price €29.00

Discover our large three-wick cotton candle, in a handmade jesmonite shell-shaped pot. Scented with Grasse essences and made with natural soy wax.

Ceramic pot candle | Sand shell
€15.20 Regular price €19.00

Discover our candle in a sand-colored Breton ceramic pot, in the shape of a shell and a flower depending on the point of view. Scented with cotton flower or monoi, with a cherry wood wick.

Handmade jar candle
€15.20 Regular price €19.00

Discover our refillable candle in an artisanal plaster pot, inspired by the ocean with its shades of blue and white. Soy wax and Grasse perfume, the perfect combo to take you on a journey!