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Refillable candles - Launa Bougie

Refillable candles

Choose an eco-friendly approach with our refillable candles. At Launa Bougie, we offer you a sustainable and renewable alternative to light your space. Our rechargeable candles provide consistent, warm brightness, allowing you to enjoy a calming ambiance without compromising on durability. Our refillable candles are designed to reduce your ecological footprint while brightening your daily life. Presented in jesmonite pots, made by us, our refillable candles are not only practical, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, our refills are available in a variety of scents, allowing you to personalize your scent experience. Opt for an ecological and elegant solution with our Launa rechargeable candles.

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Handmade jar candle
€15.20 Regular price €19.00

Discover our refillable candle in an artisanal plaster pot, inspired by the ocean with its shades of blue and white. Soy wax and Grasse perfume, the perfect combo to take you on a journey!