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Scented candle box - Launa Bougie

Scented candle box

Offer a complete sensory experience with our scented candle set, designed to delight your senses with a variety of exquisite scents. Carefully made in France by Launa Bougie, these natural candles are the result of an artisanal process using non-harmful and environmentally friendly ingredients. Our Grasse perfumes, coming from a French city renowned for its floral and aromatic cultures, are selected for their quality and authenticity. Cotton or wooden wicks ensure a clean, even burn, while natural soy wax ensures optimal scent diffusion. Molded or presented in manufactured or recycled jars, our candles are an eco-friendly choice for your home. Opt for our set of scented candles and let yourself be transported by an incomparable olfactory experience.

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Daisy box - Candle-Jewel
€15.20 Regular price €19.00

Brighten mom's day with our Mother's Day box. Inside, a bright and fragrant daisy candle, accompanied by an adjustable bracelet. All presented in a magnificent box closed with a sea green ribbon.


The pink box: a pink-scented daisy candle and the pink bracelet.

The sea green box: a mimosa scented daisy candle and the sea green bracelet.