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Molded candles

Discover our collection of molded candles, true pieces of olfactory art that bring a unique touch to your interior decoration.

Let yourself be enchanted by our sculptural creations, from elegant female body shapes to playful Christmas snowflake and fir tree designs, to captivating hearts and rainbows.

Perfect for creating a warm and welcoming ambiance, our molded candles provide an elegant decorative touch that blends seamlessly into any space.

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Daisy box - Candle-Jewel
€15.20 Regular price €19.00

Brighten mom's day with our Mother's Day box. Inside, a bright and fragrant daisy candle, accompanied by an adjustable bracelet. All presented in a magnificent box closed with a sea green ribbon.


The pink box: a pink-scented daisy candle and the pink bracelet.

The sea green box: a mimosa scented daisy candle and the sea green bracelet.